Why wouldn't you choose what's better?

iiNet is a leading Australian Internet Service Provider and we’re growing fast. For more than 20 years we've outshone the rest with award-winning customer service and a passion for doing things differently.

About Us

We've come a long way since the days of working out of a suburban garage in the early 90s.

With over 3000 staff across three countries, we have the capacity to achieve great things. Our goals is to lead the market with the best internet access products, then differentiate with genuine, plain-speaking customer service.

First we built our own network allowing us to offer customers speeds that go as fast as their line can handle. Next we offered them the ability to make all their phone calls over their internet connection using Voice over IP and then we enabled them to get rid of their phone line altogether with Naked DSL. Now, we're offering eligible customers the fastest speeds ever with our competitive nbn™ plans.

We are driven by our passion and aim to inspire it in our customers. Our mantra: 'Lead on product, differentiate on service', drives all that we do at iiNet.

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