Follow the sun

As part of our commitment to our people: we've adopted a 'Follow the Sun' methodology for our customer service operations. The concept is simple - regardless of the time of your call, our support lines are always answered by a representative operating within local, agreeable working hours.

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Taking over during the evenings, our Cape Town site is one of our largest – and some would argue most picturesque. With an amazing view of Table Mountain to inspire them, welcoming customer service peeps in Cape Town are always ready to offer a helping hand.

Fully owned and operated by iiNet, Cape Town makes sure that all of our customers go to bed happy with their services.

The birthplace of iiNet, Perth is host to the company's modern headquarters. Nestled in the hip suburb of Subiaco, our Western Australian site is full of bright, happy staff members, as well as the think tanks that come up with our brilliant services and products.

It also plays host to the iiStore, our custom-designed experience centre which perfectly sums up the iiNet culture and brand. Don't be shy, come and say hi!

Last but not least, it contains our Westnet contact centre. This dedicated team of customer service gurus are there to lend a hand to all our friendly, loyal Westnet customers.

The nerve centre of iiNet's latest brand, the Internode site in Adelaide contains both the Internode contact centre and a contact centre devoted to iiNet's core customer base.

Existing on a diet of yiros and Barossa produce, our Adelaide customer service gurus ride to work on the back of NodePonies ready to answer your every question and help you get the most out of your services.

The city of back alley cafés, Federation Square and hook turns, Melbourne is a thriving metropolis with a unique culture. What better place for an iiNet call centre?

From their location in Camberwell, the Melbourne office is not only our largest iiNet customer service hub along the east coast of Australia, it is also home to one of our important data centres (sorry, no guided tours!), so we couldn't live without our Melburnian colleagues.

While not officially part of the VCC, the Apple Isle hasn't been forgotten either. A few years ago iiNet brought inTas into the family, along with their contact centre in Hobart. Now these gurus help out with inTas account management for business and government accounts.

The new kid on the block, our Brisbane site is the latest addition to the contact centre family. With a contingent of helpful techii™ team members and an abundance of sunshine, this is a site with huge potential for expansion in the years to come.

Our Sydney site is home to a large number of specialist teams, from iiNet TV with Fetch to Business. With some of our longest-tenured staff members – some of whom are still around from OzEmail, Froggy and iHug days – Sydney is a centre full of customer service experts.

From their snug location in the middle of the Sydney CBD, they enjoy all the perks of living in the largest city in the country – great food, after-hours entertainment and all the unused bike tracks you could ever need.

Our nation's capital is also part of the iiNet family, with a growing team of customer service staff operating out of the headquarters of another iiNet brand, TransACT.

Helping both TransACT and iiNet customers get the most out of their services, we are excited to have them on board.

Home to not one but two iiNet contact centres, our friendly Kiwi neighbours are an important cog in the iiNet customer service machine, helping the out our eastern states customers wake up in the mornings after taking over from our Cape Town colleagues.

Full of experienced, bubbly staff members, our Auckland staff will happily listen to all your 'fush and chups' jokes before getting back to what they do best – providing awesome customer service.