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Giig-a-saurus is unleashed!

At iiNet while we're constantly upgrading our customer's lives with the latest in technology, we also want to make sure we do the right thing with the old. To demonstrate this we've created the Giig-a-saurus, a mighty life-size dinosaur sculpture revealed at the world's biggest sculpture exhibition, Sculpture By the Sea. The artwork itself is furnished with 98% recyclable old phones and modems, proving that while some technology may indeed be dead, it's not necessarily extinct.

Giig-a-saurus Video Giig-a-saurus Summary

Upgrading Sustainability

Did you know that e-waste contributes to 10% of landfill in Australia each year? We think that needs to change, so we've partnered with Sims Recycling Solutions to recycle 6000 redundant phones and modems as part of this project. This one effort will save almost 1 tonne of landfill.

Upgrading Sustainability
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