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Budii™ combines your modem and home smart phone.

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Available on 24 month contract

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Own outright

  • modem
  • handset
We recommend
($1317.60 total min cost, incl. broadband plan price)
on a new 24 month broadband contract

without broadband contract

Important information about renting Budii™

  • Budii™ rentals remain the property of iiNet and must be returned upon cancellation or non-return fees will apply.
  • Read the full terms and conditions.

The minimum total cost over 24 months of $1,437.60 is based on $39.95 unbundled ADSL2+ Home-1 + $19.95 Budii™ with Home smart phone rental over the contract term.

Download the Budii Critical Information Summary

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Budii modem icon The modem

  • Dual Wireless 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz – surf the web anywhere in your home.
  • Seven superfast Gigabit ports – connect multiple PCs, network gaming devices or network storage to Budii™ using one of the 7 dedicated Gigabit ports
  • NBN Ready - for when NBN comes to you
  • iiNet TV with Fetch Ready - iiNet TV makes TV better.
  • Find and pair – at the touch of a button, pair a new home smart phone, or find the home smart phone that’s hidden under the sofa cushion.
  • Cordless charger – sit the home smart phone in the charging position and you’re never out of battery.

Budii phone iconThe home smart phone

  • DECT home smart phone using CAT-iq technology
  • Operating on Android 2.3.5 giving you access to compatible Android apps. For more information refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Netphone – local and standard national calls over the Internet included at the quality you’d expect from your land line.
  • Land line – for added convenience you can hook up your home phone and use your touchscreen home smart phone to make calls or even use your standard 3.5mm jack headphones
  • Touch screen home smart phone with inbuilt WiFi for access to the web.
  • Voicemail – records up to 225 minutes of messages from both your landline and VOIP

Terms Summary

  • The Budii™ modem is a wireless, 7 port, gigabit Ethernet modem that allows you to connect multiple devices to broadband or fibre internet services via an Ethernet or wireless connection. Separate contract terms apply for broadband or fibre internet plans.
  • You may purchase or rent the Budii™ modem with a Budii™ home smart phone.
  • You may also purchase additional Budii™ home smart phones and a charging cradle for use with your Budii™ modem.
  • Equipment and service requirements for use of the Budii™ hardware are set out in our Customer Relationship Agreement. For example, to use the Budii™ modem, you will need an active ADSL2+/Naked DSL broadband or fibre service, a power connection and outlet and a computer, laptop, smart phone or other device capable of browsing.

Additional Budii™ Hardware

Budii™ Handset - $99.95

Budii™ Handset

Budii™ handset, a second handset to add to your existing Budii setup. Purchase up to four additional handsets for use around the home.

More information

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