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South Brisbane Fibre Upgrade

The South Brisbane exchange building is being demolished to enable the construction of the new Queensland Children’s Hospital.

All current services connected to the South Brisbane exchange via copper will be upgraded to super-fast Fibre optic cable over the next 18 months and run out of the Woolloongabba exchange.

This Optic Fibre rollout is separate to the National Broadband Network.

Areas being upgraded to Fibre

All residents in the South Brisbane exchange area are affected by these changes. The South Brisbane Exchange Area partially covers the Brisbane suburbs of South Brisbane, Highgate Hill, West End, Dutton Park and Fairfield.

Which services will be affected?

All services currently provided over the copper network including Telephone and Broadband services will be affected. We will contact you before the date of your upgrade to discuss your new fibre and phone plan options.

What will the upgrade cost you?

If you are living in the South Brisbane exchange area, having your services upgraded to super-fast Fibre optic cables will come at no extra cost.

However, customers will require a Fibre optic enabled modem – like our Budii® – which is $99 when you sign on for 24 months.

Do I have to have my services upgraded?

All services provided over the Telstra copper network in this area are being upgraded as the current way these services are being delivered will no longer be available.

If you choose not to have your service upgraded, you’ll be unable to use any internet or telephone services and will be liable for the cost of reconnecting these services — which can be significant.

Do I need to do anything?

You don’t need to do anything at this stage — If you live in the South Brisbane area we’ll contact you over the next 18 months to guide you through the transition. We’ll also put you on one of our superfast fibre plans made only for South Brisbane.

If you would like further information on the move to fibre, contact our specialist fibre team on 1300 455 806

Who will be carrying out the work?

Telstra wholesale will control the removal of its old copper network and the building of the new Fibre optic network. We’re liaising with Telstra on your behalf to make sure it’s a smooth transition with minimal interruptions to services. A technician will speak with you regarding your circumstances on the appointment day.

How will my services be disrupted during the upgrade?

We expect you’ll be without your service for 2–3 hours during the upgrade. Where there is a planned interruption, we’ll notify you in advance.

Do I need to prepare my home or business for the upgrade?

You don’t need to do anything to prepare you premises for the upgrade. We will contact you to make arrangements for a Telstra technician to come to your premise and install the necessary equipment.

You may want to give some thought to where you might like to install the Optical Network Termination box, and optional no-cost battery backup Power Supply Unit, which needs to be within one metre of a power supply. If you’re a tenant, you should probably talk to your landlord or managing agent to discuss the best location for this equipment.

How do I need to prepare if I’m renting my house or unit?

If you have existing services, you’ll need to place an order with your service provider to upgrade to the new Fibre network. You’ll need to discuss this with your managing agent or landlord as we’ll install the equipment inside your premises. You may also need to discuss with them the need for a new power point if required.

For any other questions or information, please contact our specialist Fibre Team on 1300 455 806