Our new Business Cloud.

iiNet Business Cloud

Guaranteed to contain no weather puns.

No time for jokes here, let’s keep it short and to the point.
You save heaps of money with our cloud. You no longer have to buy, install and maintain expensive servers, hardware and data centres. It’s simple, it works and it starts from as little as $0.04 per hour.

Business Cloud Plans & Pricing


Business Cloud 1

Business Cloud 3

Business Cloud 4

Minimum fee
per month
$29 $149 $349
Price per CPU
1c/hour 1.2c/hour 1c/hour
Price per RAM
3c/hour 3.5c/hour 3c/hour
Maximum RAM 1GB 32GB 64GB
Maximum CPU 1GHz 8GHz 16GHz
Maximum no. of virtual machines 2 20 30
Maximum storage 50GB 500GB 1000GB

Business Cloud 1


Business Cloud 2


Business Cloud 3


Business Cloud 4



Storage & Bandwidth

Storage per GB/month (calculated hourly)18c
Inbound Bandwidth per GB12c
Outbound Bandwidth per GB12c

* Traffic is counted per VM (including between VMs)

Operating Systems and External IP's

Windows Licensing Fee (per licence/hr)2c
External IP's (per external IP/month)$3.00
* External IP's are not included in the minimum monthly spend

Pricing Calculator

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The Business Cloud pricing calculator is currently in Beta testing, the calculator is designed to estimate your monthly cost using the specifications you provide it. Your monthly charges will be based on your actual usage.

How does iiNet's Business Cloud compare?

Amazon EC2

Australian data centre
Free support
Web based control panel
Clone and create custom virtual machines
Access to 1000’s of VMWare Virtual Applications
API Access
Console access to virtual machines
Deploy pre-configured servers/custom built servers with the click of a few buttons
Ability to create your own personal catalogue

Pricing Calculator

Business Cloud Server Configuration