Our new Business Cloud.

iiNet Business Cloud

Guaranteed to contain no weather puns.

No time for jokes here, let’s keep it short and to the point.
You save heaps of money with our cloud. You no longer have to buy, install and maintain expensive servers, hardware and data centres. It’s simple, it works and it starts from as little as $0.04 per hour.

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What is Business Cloud?

To put it simply, iiNet's Business Cloud lets you access your own virtual server at any time, from anywhere using the Internet.

Think of it as having your own data centre with storage and computing power that expands and contracts with your needs. It's cheaper, more flexible and easier to use than deploying your own, physical IT infrastructure.

Ideal for
Web Servers
Backup Servers
Remote Offices

The benefits of iiNet Business Cloud

  • The power of Cloud

    Save time and money with technology that adjusts with your business IT needs.

  • Why choose iiNet's Business Cloud?

    With an easy to use web-based portal, Business Cloud gives you the power to manage your IT resources online, as if they were sitting in your office.

  • Security

    Enterprise-Class security features keep your virtual environment protected.

  • API's

    For the not-so-tech-savvy business owners out there, APIs (or Application Programming Interfaces) allow you (or IT specialist) to build application-based solutions for your business that can be adjusted to your needs.

  • iiNet Difference

    Experience the iiNet difference with an Australian data centre, a national iiNetwork, international data links and industry-leading tools to manage your usage, not to mention award-winning customer service.

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