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Naked DSL

iiNet Naked DSL is only
available on the iiNetwork.
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Naked Business DSL

  • Naked Business Value



    ($1998.75 Minimum spend)
    $0.80 per GB*

  • Naked Business 1



    ($2478.75 Minimum spend)
    $0.33 per GB*

  • Naked Business 2



    ($2958.75 Minimum spend)
    $0.20 per GB*

  • Naked Business 3



    ($3678.75 Minimum spend)
    $0.12 per GB*

Please note: iiTalk requires VoIP hardware. What is VoIP?


  • Local & standard national calls

  • 1300 & 13 calls
    30¢ Untimed

  • International calls
    From 5¢ per minute

  • Calls to mobiles
    29¢ per minute — charged
    per 30 second block


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Total monthly cost:

Minimum total cost over a 24 month contract is $2478.75 ($99.95 monthly plan fee + $79.95 connection fee). Please note a telephone connection fee may apply. This does not include the cost of the modem.

All our Naked Business DSL plans include these neat extras:

  • Anytime Quota

  • We don't count uploads

  • 1GB of included webspace

  • 20 included mailboxes

  • Static IP address

Shaping & Data Packs

If you exceed your quota allowance we won’t charge you any extra usage charges - just shape your connection speed to 512Kbps upload & download for the remainder of your billing month.

If you do go a little download-crazy, you can grab an iiNet Data Pack to trim a few gigs off your broadband usage. Data-packs can be applied to your Anytime allowance for all the extra full-speed access when you want it. Available through Toolbox.

Learn more about our data packs.