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iiNet's Community Partnership program

iiNet’s community program sees us partner with charities, community groups and not for profit organisations who support youth or mental health programs or initiatives. We aim to give back to the communities which have helped us grow from a small company of two to the ASX 200 listed company we are today.

Major Community Partners

Ronald McDonald House Charities

iiNet's relationship with the good people at Ronald McDonald House has been going strong for many years now. We’ve helped out by sponsoring their events, raising funds at staff functions, and by lending a hand at Make-a-Meal events for families.

That’s why we’re thrilled Ronald McDonald House is iiNet's major community partner.

Our Executive team kicked off the partnership in early 2015 by preparing a feast for children and their families at the Ronald McDonald House in Subiaco. Throughout the year our staff will have an opportunity to visit their local house and pitch in. Additionally, we’re supplying broadband, telephone and mobile services for houses across Australia.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Australian Business Community Network (ABCN) Mentoring Program

The ABCN are a tight-knit partnership of Australian companies who aim to assist primary and high school students with their personal and professional development through a variety of mentoring programs.

iiNet staff across all sites take part in a number of rewarding programs including Sparks (literacy and language), GOALS (leadership skills) and Aspirations (career skills) in a one-on-one mentoring environment. As a mentor, our staff not only provide support for students most in need but they also have the chance to demonstrate leadership skills and provide an exciting insight into the working world.

ABCN Business Investing in Tomorrow


For many hairy years now, the bros around iiNet have been growing moustaches in November to support men’s issues like mental health and prostate cancer. Last year nearly 50 burly staff, supported by their mo-sistas, proudly sported their finest facial hair and raised over $6300.

Not only is it a fun way to get our staff involved in raising awareness about men’s health, but it also provides plenty of office laughs.


Australian Red Cross Club Red Program

Did you know that one in three people will need blood in their lifetime, yet only one in thirty people donate? Giving blood is a simple and inexpensive way (in fact, it’s free!) to help adults and children who are unwell, and the Club Red program makes it even easier to make regular donations.

iiNet’s Club Red team saved 510 lives last year through blood donations. It really is the perfect way to give a little, and help a lot.

Red 25